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International Pension Plans.
International pensions.

International Pension Planning

Beauvoir Trust Guernsey's extensive experience in the international pension plan market has constantly reinforced one principal fact - clients require clarity and understanding of exactly what their existing pension arrangements will provide and, if their circumstances are changing through, perhaps, moving abroad, what impact this will have on access to their pension funds.

Then, of course, there is always the understandable question of how can they unlock the maximum return, both for immediate cash needs and from longer term investments to see them into an active retirement future.

Luckily, at Beauvoir Trust Guernsey, we have the solutions and they come in the form of Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes ('QNUPS'); International Occupational Pension Arrangements (also referred to as Section 40(o) Schemes after the relevant section of the Guernsey legislation); and, International Pension Plans ('IPP's').

The devil is in the detail in the click through articles, but because of the variation, suitability and complexity of the various pension schemes, you really do need to contact Tom, our international pension planning specialist, who promises to listen to what you need and then explain the solution clearly and straightforwardly, both to you and your adviser.
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