Coronavirus (covid-19)

We want you to know that we are taking appropriate steps to ensure continuity of our business and services to you and indeed increase them in other areas if you need them. This includes:

Employee and client well-being:

  • Our first duty of care is to our highly valued workforce and their families and obviously to avoid unnecessary risks to them and our clients.
  • We are encouraging remote working of some of our employees, especially those exhibiting symptoms or those that are vulnerable to Covid-19.
  • Where physical visits to clients typically happen we have decided to cease those and operate remotely. If this causes any difficulties then please contact your relationship manager to discuss the arrangements.
  • We have ceased all travel for employees to ensure their safety and well-being.
  • The States of Guernsey have advised that ALL travel to/from Guernsey should cease unless essential. We understand that this may cause difficulties for you and if this is the case please speak to your relationship manager as we can assist clients at this time.
  • From a service perspective clients can continue to contact us by email or telephone, as normal.


Business Continuity:

  • We have a fully documented and up-to-date business continuity program in place.
  • All of our employees are capable of securely and effectively working away from our offices for an extended period of time. Our IT and telecommunications infrastructure allows us to operate seamlessly wherever the team may be.
  • We are enabled to continue delivering our services engagements remotely via remote access. We recommend that clients send documents electronically and this will enable us to continue to service your needs.
  • All of our hosting environments are best-in-class data centres in multiple jurisdictions with controls in place to ensure their continuity of service. The operation of our hosting environment is not dependent on any physical office facilities. We are fully Cloud enabled which means there is no disruption in access.


Ongoing monitoring:

  • We are listening closely to the guidance of the medical authorities in Guernsey, Malta and in other regions and will be rapidly evolving our corporate guidance based on their recommendations.

At this time there is no impact to Aspida’s services to you, our customers, as a result of this situation. Should any events occur that impact our services, we will notify you via the email address which received this notification.

Throughout this uncertain time, you can be confident that we are looking after our employees and are here for our customers. Stay safe, and please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards


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