Andrew Smale

Senior Trust Officer


Andy is a Senior Trust Officer responsible for a portfolio of client cases whilst assisting with junior colleagues with the more complex transactions.

He started in the finance industry on leaving school in the late 70’s specialising in unit trust and fund administration whilst also covering all areas of the offshore merchant banking industry reaching a position of Assistant Manager before taking a break from the finance industry during the 90’s working as a Church Administrator whilst running a gardening service and teaching Drums.

At the start of the millennium he took up employment with a local Accountancy practice where he was seconded to a small trust company of which the Accountant was a Director.

That was Willow Trust Limited, which went on to become Beauvoir, and where he remains to this day.
As a committed family man with 6 children and an ever increasing number of grand-children private time is never quiet but when the chance offers there is always work to be done in the garden and ever hopeful of getting the drums out to have some fun.

Professional, prudent, perceptive and highly proficient in our field – place your trust in Beauvoir.
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